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  • Starkey Hearing Technologies Launches Ear Health Product Line.
    23 Jan , 2017





    The new complete Ear Health product line seeks to improve overall hearing health and reduce the time individuals wait to address hearing issues.


    Designed specifically to help individuals take a proactive and empowered approach to ear care, Starkey Hearing Technologies Ear Health products offer solutions for ear wax, earaches, itchy ears, dry ears, and for protecting ears from damaging sounds. Sold directly in the hearing professional’s office, these products are designed to help professionals better serve their patients’ overall ear health needs while also providing patients with easier, one-stop hearing healthcare, says the company.


    “Our main goals with these products are two-fold: help professionals better serve their patients and help patients take better care of their ears,” said Sara Burdak, the company’s chief audiology officer, in a press statement. “Ear wax, earaches, and irritated ears are all common ear issues for patients of all ages. By placing these products directly in the professional’s office, there is no longer a need for a patient to make additional trips to buy over-the-counter ear health products. Also, we’re creating an opportunity for professionals to help their patients become better educated about how to care for their ears, thereby improving long-term hearing health.”


    To date, the vast complete line of the new “Ear Health Products” include:


    Ear Wax Removal Drops;


    Ear Wax Removal Kit;


    All Natural Ear Wax Removal Drops;


    EarAche Drops;


    MiraCell® Ear Drops;


    Ear Drying Drops;


    EarPlanes® Ear Plugs;


    Soft Foam Ear Plugs, and


    ClearEars® Ear Plugs.


    Creating a more proactive hearing health approach. According to Starkey, another goal of the Ear Health line is to reduce the amount of time a patient waits to address his/her hearing loss.


    By discussing general ear health issues like ear wax or hearing protection, hearing care professionals will be able to educate their patients on hearing loss and hearing aids sooner. Clinicians will also be able to develop their patient base by encouraging current patients to tell their families and friends about the Ear Health products, which work for all ages and levels of hearing.


    “It is our hope that we’ll start to see more people take an earlier and more proactive approach to hearing health because of these products,” says Starkey Chief Marketing Officer Chris McCormick. “The products can create a positive trickle-down effect that results in improved ear care and earlier hearing loss treatment action.”


    Source: Starkey Hearing Technologies
    Image credit: Starkey Hearing Technologies