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  • ReSound Introduces ‘SUPER POWER’ Smart, Hearing Aids
    10 Mar , 2016






    GN ReSound, Copenhagen, Denmark, has announced the global launch of ReSound ENZO2™, with the benefits of ReSound LiNX2™ for people with severe to profound hearing loss in need of a “Super Power” solution.


    As the fourth generation of GN ReSound’s 2.4 GHz technology, the company reports that ReSound ENZO2 is a Smart Hearing aid for Super Power users that offers a good hearing experience with greater audibility, better speech understanding, and improved spatial awareness, enabling people to live their life closer to “normal.”


    The global launch of ReSound ENZO2 builds on the company’s successful US launch in the autumn of 2015, and the hearing aid has already demonstrated benefits for many users.


    GN ReSound also introduced its new ReSound Micro Mic™ and ReSound Multi Mic™ microphones that connect to all ReSound Smart Hearing aids, including ReSound ENZO2 to further enhance the users sound experience in all relevant situations.


    For children with hearing loss, GN ReSound also has launched the new ReSound Up Smart™ 5, a solution that combines Made for iPhone and ReSound’s hearing technologies to support speech and language development, educational skills, and social interaction.


    With these introductions, the company reports, the ReSound Smart Hearing range can support even the most challenging listening environments for users of all ages and hearing loss needs.


    ReSound’s “Super Power” Smart Hearing solutions are available through a global network of hearing professionals.


    Source: GN ReSound

    Image credit: GN ReSound

    (Shown, the children,s version of “Super Power”).