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  • Deaf Baby Bursts Into Giggles After Hearing His Mother for the First Time
    22 Aug , 2016















    An adorable video captures an Australian baby hearing his mother’s voice for the first time and bursting into giggles after he’s fitted with a pair of hearing aids.


    Jordan Blair was born with hearing loss and failed both of his hearing screenings at the hospital, his mother Taryn Blair told ABC News today. The family then went to an audiologist who confirmed that hearing loss runs on the mother’s side of the family. In addition, when baby Jordan was only 3 weeks old he got bronchiolitis, which caused fluid to build up in his ears, Blair said.


    “He didn’t react to a lot,” Blair explained, saying that she and her husband feared the worst for their son’s hearing.


    But last week, the infant was fitted with hearing aids and able to hear clearly for the first time. Blair said when they turned the hearing aids on, “he had this amazing reaction we were so excited to see! He finally laughed which we’ve never seen before.” She added that it brought her husband and her to tears.


    Blair also said that her son was born with laryngomalacia (a floppy larynx), which makes it hard for him to breathe, and has endured many other health complications.


    “So you can imagine it was lovely to go to this appointment and see him laughing and cooing like a ‘normal’ baby should,” Blair said. She described her son as a “little warrior.”


    Source: ABC News


    Image credit: Renae Richardson

    (Taryn Blair’s three month old baby, Jordan, heard his mother for the first time after he got hearing aids fitted).