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  • NASCAR Champion Jeff Gordon Joins Listen Carefully Campaign
    13 Oct , 2015






    Starkey Hearing Foundation has announced that NASCAR champion Jeff Gordon and Listen Carefully are partnering to promote healthy hearing and raise awareness about noise-induced hearing loss. Gordon reports in the announcement that his work space is usually made up of loud engines and tens-of-thousands of screaming fans, and he needs to take extra care to protect his hearing.

    “I’ve lived most of my life on and around the race track. I love every sound but, believe me, it’s loud,” Gordon said. “If you’re exposed to loud sounds, whether it’s a rock concert, racetrack or headphones, hearing damage can happen within minutes. And when it does, it’s permanent. That’s why we are encouraging people to listen carefully.”

    According to Gordon and Starkey, as little as 10 seconds in a loud stadium or racetrack is enough time to damage your hearing. They warn that if it sounds loud, it is loud. Starkey Hearing Foundation offers a downloadable Listen Carefully app from iTunes® or from Android™ to help people measure surrounding sound levels and receive a warning that encourages hearing protection when the noise is too loud.

    Watch Gordon’s Listen Carefully awareness message on YouTube. Life is loud.
    Listen Carefully is Starkey Hearing Foundation’s domestic public awareness campaign to educate Americans about noise-induced hearing loss and prevent a hearing loss epidemic. Currently, one in six American teenagers suffers from hearing loss due to high-volume sounds, such as loud concerts, ear buds, hair dryers, lawn mowers, and sports venues. Teen hearing loss has increased 30% in the last decade, according to Starkey. Noise-induced hearing loss is irreversible, but preventable.