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  • Rayovac Launches “Pro Line Advanced”. The Most Advanced Battery System To Date
    8 Jan , 2018










    Rayovac Launches “Pro Line Advanced”. The Most Advanced Battery System To Date


    Rayovac, a hearing aid battery manufacturer and a division of Spectrum Brands, Inc—a consumer products company—has developed what the company says is its most advanced battery system based on input from both hearing aid wearers and hearing health professionals, the new PRO LINE® Advanced, Rayovac announced.


    “Our goal with PRO LINE® Advanced is to answer the unmet needs of hearing aid wearers. To do this, we gathered input from daily users and hearing health professionals in developing our new technology and packaging,” said Ann Rule, senior director of marketing at Spectrum Brands’ Rayovac Division. “The innovations make the batteries last longer than our previous formulation and easier to store, handle, and use.”


    Battery life is ranked as one of the most important factors when patients choose hearing aid batteries, which is why Rayovac developed its new Active Core Technology.
    To achieve high quality performance Active Core Technology is designed to incorporate:


    An Optimized Form to provide more critical ingredients and help deliver more capacity than Rayovac’s previous design.


    An Advanced Anode to help ensure quality performance through the life of the battery.


    Secure Seal to provide cell stability in extreme conditions.
    In addition to improving the technology, Rayovac reinvented its traditional dial-package after Rayovac research revealed patients were frustrated with their hearing aid battery packaging. To address this issue, Rayovac has made the package easier to handle and added several new features designed to keep the batteries clean, more secure, and protected than the previous packaging.


    Innovative features include:


    A new lock dial system, which helps keep the package from spinning freely, giving the user more control.
    A prominent, forward-facing front door allows the user to see and lift each individual battery out of the package without having to flip the package over.
    Longer and wider tabs make it easier to see, remove, and handle batteries.


    User-friendly package size and shape is designed to fit easily in an open hand and has a perforated rounded edge, making the dial removable for convenient transport or storage.
    Rayovac’s hearing aid battery delivery system will be available on its PRO LINE® Advanced line through hearing health professionals starting January 2018.


    “Consumers and hearing health professionals expect great products from Rayovac, and our PRO LINE® Advanced hearing aid batteries deliver,” said Kevin Kouba, division vice president at Spectrum Brands’ Rayovac Division. “Active Core Technology and the new, easy-to-use packaging are just the very latest in a long string of innovations. We look forward to continuing to help advance hearing care in the future.”


    Source: Rayovac
    Image credit: Rayovac logo