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  • Oticon Launches ConnectClip Connectivity Device
    15 Jan , 2018
















    Oticon Launches ConnectClip Connectivity Device


    Oticon ConnectClip is the newest addition to the comprehensive range of Oticon connectivity devices designed to improve users’ listening and communication experiences. According to the company, the intermediary device turns Oticon Opn™ hearing aids into a wireless headset for clear, hands-free calls from modern mobile phones, including iPhone® and Android™ smartphones. Sound from the mobile phones is streamed directly to the hearing aids and ConnectClip’s directional microphones pick up the wearer’s voice. ConnectClip is also designed to function as a remote/partner microphone, helping to provide improved intelligibility of the speaker wearing it, either at a distance (up to 65 feet), in very noisy environments, or in a combination of the two.


    “ConnectClip is a unique multipurpose device that empowers Oticon Opn users to participate even more and interact in a number of everyday listening situations that are, at best, difficult and, at worst, impossible,” said Paul Bauer, MA, CCC-A, director of product management, marketing for Oticon, Inc. “ConnectClip allows users to make and receive hands-free calls from iPhone or Android smartphones in the car or on the go. With ConnectClip’s remote microphone functionality, users can hear what is being said at a distance or in difficult listening environments. The speaker simply clips on the remote microphone and sound is streamed directly to the hearing aids.”


    ConnectClip is designed to enable high-quality streaming with 2.4 GHz Bluetooth Low Energy from any modern smartphone to both Opn hearing aids. According to Oticon, audio or music from Bluetooth-connected mobile phones, MP3 players, PCs, and more can be streamed in stereo to both hearing aids. ConnectClip can be paired or connected directly to a computer’s built-in Bluetooth or used with the BTD 800 USB dongle. Opn wearers can also use ConnectClip as a remote control to adjust volume and change programs on their hearing aids discreetly with the touch of a button.


    Source: Oticon
    Image: Oticon