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  • ‘Shark Tank’ Star Tells CNN How Hearing Aids Changed His Life
    27 Jul , 2016










    (Younger and older, richer and poorer… We are all the same, when it comes to hearing loss)

    In a recent interview withCNNMoney, a star of ABC TV’s ‘Shark Tank,’ entrepreneur Daymond John explained how high-tech, smart hearing aids have changed his life.


    In a July 25 article and video, John told CNNMoney how he finally realized, and admitted, that he had hearing loss and needed hearing aids. John says that with Halo 2 hearing aids from Starkey Hearing Technologies, his “before” and “after” experiences are like “night and day.”


    Using the TruLink app that corresponds with his Halo 2 wireless hearing aids, John explains how he creates settings for different environments. For example, when he goes to restaurants, the app “remembers” the settings he had previously established at that specific location, so the next time he is there, the hearing aids know to project the sound of the person he is having a conversation with over the background noise. “I also have preferences set at home and when I’m on an airplane,” John told CNNMoney.


    For more details and to view the video, see the original post on the CNNMoney website.


    Source: CNNMoney

    Image credits: CNN Money; Starkey Hearing Technologies

     Daymond John, ‘Shark Tank’ star, investor, and entrepreneur