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  • Sony Mobile Introduces Xperia Ear, Its Smart Hearable
    25 Feb , 2016














    At the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain, held February 22-25, 2016, Sony Mobile Communications rolled out a next-generation Xperia line of products with the first Xperia X series smartphones, along with ambient connected devices said to be capable of changing the way consumers interact with the world.


    According to Sony Mobile, Xperia X smart products and concepts are designed to adapt to every situation and environment, whether a person is at home or on the go. Sony Mobile says that it envisions this new category as “intelligent devices” that understand preferences, activities, and behavior to provide useful and contextual information.


    As part of Sony Mobile’s rollout of the new Xperia X series of smart products, the company is introducing the new Xperia Ear.

    Xperia Ear is described as a next-generation wireless ear-piece or hearable “that brings a new way of communicating and enjoying the world around you.” It provides information such as the wearer’s schedule, the weather, and the latest news while on the go. Powered by Sony’s voice technology, it is designed to respond to verbal commands, so the wearer can ask it to make a call, perform an internet search, dictate a message, or navigate to a certain location.


    The Xperia Ear enables a convenient, hands-free experience. It connects to an Android smartphone via NFC or Bluetooth and talks to a host application, where the user can customize settings, including the info needed for initial connections in the morning, touch commands, and app notifications.


    It is said to have a lightweight and comfortable soft silicone ear-bud, which is built for continuous wear, with IPX2 water-protection and all-day battery life. The Xperia ear, which will roll out in Summer 2016, is available in Graphite Black and the case doubles as a charger, so users can simply pop it in when a recharge is needed.


    Sony Mobile reports that its Xperia X series is intended to embody the company’s new brand vision through adding new layers of intelligent technology across popular and acclaimed Xperia features: camera, battery, and design to “make every day smarter and simpler.”


    Source: Sony Mobile Communications 

    Image credit: Sony Mobile Communications