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  • Oticon Campaign Raises Awareness of Heart and Hearing Health
    4 Feb , 2016






    In February 2016 Oticon Inc launched the company’s annual “At the Heart of It . . . We Put People First” campaign. Oticon announced that during February and March, the company will donate a portion of the proceeds from the sale of its Alta2 hearing devices to the American Heart Association to fund heart health education and life-saving research.


    The national “At the Heart of It” campaign is designed to underscore the important role of hearing health to overall health and motivate people to schedule regular hearing check-ups. By tapping into a consumer focus on American Heart Month, the campaign is intended to bring hearing and hearing loss into discussions of heart healthy behaviors.

    “Through campaigns like ‘At the Heart of It’ we aim to build awareness of hearing health as an important component of a healthy lifestyle,” said Oticon President Peer Lauritsen. ”Our goal is creating opportunities to insert hearing care and hearing loss into health-related conversations whether they are on heart health, cognition or other health issues that spark consumer interest. By forging a link between hearing health and healthy living, we can encourage a new way of thinking about hearing and hearing loss that can be life-changing, especially for people who have been reluctant to seek professional help for their hearing loss.”

    It is known that lifestyle behaviors that affect the heart also impact hearing. The Better Hearing Institute reports that a higher level of physical activity is associated with both heart health and a lower risk of hearing loss. The negative impact of smoking on the heart is long established and recent research shows that smokers are also more likely to suffer hearing loss.  The omega-3 fatty acids that benefit cardiovascular health have also been linked to a lower risk of hearing loss.

    Oticon will partner with hearing care professionals in small private practices and large multi-specialty clinics to ensure that the heart health and hearing care message reaches people in communities nationwide.

    The company announced that Oticon employees will also participate in heart healthy activities during February, including a special Heart Health Week, February 8 – 12 at Oticon headquarters. On February 12, representatives from the American Heart Association and a local medical center will offer workshops on heart health and conduct a series of blood pressure and other health screenings. For more information about the “At the Heart of It” campaign and the Alta2 product family, visit Oticon Heart Healthy web page.


    Source: Oticon Inc

    Image credit: Oticon Inc