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  • Hansaton Launches New Receiver-in-Canal Hearing System
    29 Mar , 2018







    Hansaton Launches New Receiver-in-Canal Hearing System


    With the launch of sound SHD stream, the Hamburg, Germany-based hearing system provider HANSATON is presenting its latest receiver-in-canal hearing system (RIC) in the sound SHD product family, which has binaural features for what Hansaton calls “a natural hearing experience,” connecting directly to Bluetooth® capable* telephones and smartphones with 2.4 GHz wireless technology.


    The RIC hearing system can be connected to the television and any Bluetooth® capable telephone*, according to HANSATON. Telephone and video calls by smartphone, tablet, or computer can also be answered with a click of the program button, which is designed to be “easy to locate” given its shape. Hands-free phone calls—in the car or while cooking—are possible for all operating systems, in short “Made For All” (MFA), for various manufacturers of Bluetooth® capable* telephones. Just as with all of HANSATON’s HearIntelligence™ hearing systems, the sound SHD stream is designed to support binaural hearing intelligence with language, localization, and optimization functions.


    * With Bluetooth® 4.2 and most older Bluetooth telephones


    A quick look at HANSATON at a glance.


    Facts and figures on HANSATON, the hearing system manufacturer.


    Since 1957, HANSATON has been working with its partners to help provide hearing-impaired people with greater quality of life.


    Exceptional quality, cutting-edge technology and outstanding design make for an optimal hearing experience. Every day. Around the world.


    Company founding
    1957 by Rudolf G. E. Fischer


    Company philosophy:
    HANSATON’s goal is to provide hearing systems and accessories of exceptional quality, featuring cutting-edge technology and outstanding design, in order to help people around the world experience optimum hearing. HANSATON seeks to work side-by-side with partners and audiologists, continually developing innovative solutions that provide hearing-impaired people with greater happiness and quality of everyday life.


    “Understanding people, succeeding together: this is the mission that drives us, and it is what distinguishes our products and services from others’.”


    Source: HANSATON
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