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  • Fighting Tinnitus With The “Sounds Of The Ocean”
    28 Jan , 2016



    (Even though we live in South Florida, we can’t spend all of our time on the beach… But this new innovation, may bring relief to many of you).

    The gentle murmur of the ocean – is there a more relaxing sound? It reminds us of strolls along the beach, holidays, and good times. These sounds are also believed to help people suffering from tinnitus, which is why the latest Siemens hearing aids feature a new function called Ocean Waves. Four different types of ocean sounds can now be activated if and when required. The sounds can invoke pleasant memories, relax wearers, and can distract them from the annoying tinnitus noises.

    Tinnitus is bothersome. How it affects people differs from one to another: It whistles, hisses, swooshes, and jingles in their ears. Sometimes louder, sometimes quieter. Tinnitus is many people’s relentless companion and can lead to anxiety, sleep disorders, and even depression. In addition, it often goes hand in hand with hearing loss. For this reason, a tinnitus function has already been included in many Siemens hearing aids for some years now. It generates pleasant sounds which can direct from the unpleasant tinnitus by refocusing the wearer’s perception. Wearers can customize the sounds together with a hearing care professional (like Maria at A Atlantic) and regulate them themselves. Whereas to date the sounds had been static, the new Ocean Waves function now offers dynamically modulated, particularly relaxing sounds, as they replicate waves breaking on the shore. The user has a choice of four different types of ocean sounds, based on waves breaking on rocks, dunes, a pebble beach and a sand beach. (Quite a pleasant and relaxing selection to choose from)!


    The Ocean Waves function is now a standard feature of the latest Siemens Ace, Pure, Carat, and Motion hearing aids, as well as, even the smallest Insio in-the-ear hearing instrument. Maria, as your hearing care professional, can also program an additional five types of sounds including, for example, so-called “pink noise”. This offers the users the possibility of selecting between the types of sound depending on the situation and the severity of the tinnitus. The volume can also be adjusted and all tinnitus settings are performed completely independently of the hearing support settings. For this, users of Android and Apple smartphones can also use the free touchControl remote control app.


    For further information and a free hearing test, please make an appointment to come in and see us at A Atlantic Hearing Aid Center, (where the hearing tests, are always free).

    SOURCE: Siemens, (Press Release)

    IMAGE CREDIT: Siemens