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Our Services

Because we are an independent office, we are able to offer our patients an extremely diverse selection of services, (Unlike the big box stores, who lock themselves into one or two manufacturers And limited services!)

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    Audiological Tests Available

    Identification of hearing loss

    Localization of hearing loss

    Degree of hearing loss

    Speech understanding evaluations

    Noise level measurements

    Hearing aid fitting Hearing aid continuity evaluation

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    Specialty Procedures & Instrumentation Available

    Assistive Listening Devices

    Complete Hearing Loss Evaluation and Recommendations

    Complete Hearing Instrument Evaluations, Including Old Instruments and New

    On-Site Hearing Instrument Repairs by Factory-Trained Personnel

    Fully Digital and Digitally Programmable Hearing Systems (All Brands)

    100% Digital Hearing Instruments (All Major Manufacturers)

    Industrial and Recreational Hearing Conservation Services

    Testing for Aided vs. Unaided Understanding with Real Ear Measurement Systems

    Custom Communication Earpieces

    Custom Musician In-Ear Monitors

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    Other Services

    We also specialize in custom communication earpieces for Pilots, Musicians,

    Telecasters, Hunters, Bikers, Cellphones, iPods, & More!