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  • New Hearing Aid ‘Buttons’ Will Help Users Control In-canal Receivers
    12 Jan , 2016




    Each Ear LLC announced that it has launched ” Gruv Buttons “, a new product designed to help hearing aid users gain better control of their in-canal receivers.

    The company reports that its new Gruv Buttons were unveiled at the 2016 Annual Meeting of the Wisconsin Alliance of Hearing Professionals, held January 8-9, 2016, in Lake Delton, Wis.

    Gruv Buttons are ergonomically designed to help Receiver-in-the-Canal (RIC) hearing aid wearers to use their fingertips, to insert their receivers, thus solving three challenges: difficulty manipulating and controlling the small receivers, inserting receivers sufficiently deep in bending auditory canals, and overcoming users’ physical limitations and disabilities.

    “Gruv Buttons significantly improve RIC hearing aid manageability and effectiveness,” said Each Ear Founder and President Jeffrey Szmanda, in the recent announcement. “Now users can truly benefit from the prescribed amplification.”

    Szmanda reports that Gruv Buttons will be distributed to hearing care professionals in three models: The SoloGruv™, The TrueGruv™ and The WheelGruv™.

    Each Ear also has unveiled its “Practitioner Request,” a plea for hearing aid manufacturers to review and consider implementing the patent-pending Gruv Buttons™ for their RIC hearing aids. The company explains that it is interested in helping people with physical disabilities and limitations use hearing aids with greater ease.

    Goodwill Industries of Southeastern Wisconsin and Metropolitan Chicago will be assisting Each Ear with the assembly and distribution of its Gruv Buttons, according to the company.


    The Illustration shows a Gruv Button, designed for managing the in-canal receiver of an RIC hearing aid, in use. 

    Source: Each Ear LLC

    Image credit: Each Ear LLC