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  • FDA Approves Waterproof Cover, Rechargeable Options, for Audio Processors (WaterWear, fully waterproof, can be used in freshwater, saltwater, and chlorinated water)
    6 Jun , 2016








    MED-EL has announced the FDA approval of WaterWear, an accessory for its behind-the-ear (BTE) audio processors, OPUS 2 and SONNET, including the recently-approved SONNET Rechargeable Battery option. The WaterWear, a fully waterproof cover, can be used in freshwater, saltwater, and chlorinated water. MED-EL expects the new accessory to be available in late summer of 2016, in time for users to take advantage of summer fun at the pool, lake or beach


    “Our recipients have enjoyed the wet world that theWaterWear for RONDOhas opened up, and we’re thrilled that WaterWear for our BTE processors will be here soon,” said Raymond Gamble, CEO and president, MED-EL North America. “MED-EL users can continue using their same processor and getting the same great performance, without needing to adjust to bulky cases or long cables just to get wet.”


    Within seconds, MED-EL’s latest external audio processors can be transformed into a completely submergible waterproof device with the highest IP68 rating. The sleek, skin-tight cover is engineered for hassle-free comfort. The thin WaterWear is designed for optimal microphone performance in or near water. WaterWear is also inexpensive and reusable, giving MED-EL recipients the freedom to enjoy water-based activities. The package includes three covers and nine seals; each cover can be used up to three times.


    WaterWear for the RONDO all-in-one audio processor is currently available. Recipients can visit the MED-EL website for updates on the latest availability of WaterWear for the OPUS 2 and SONNET.


    MED-EL has also announced the recent FDA approval of two new rechargeable battery options for the SONNET Audio Processor, Standard and Micro. When used with the Micro option, SONNET will be the lightest audio processor on the market. MED-EL is expecting availability in the coming months. The rechargeable battery packs offer an eco-friendly and practical option for the SONNET Audio Processor.


    The standard rechargeable battery provides up to 10 hours of listening, and is fully compatible with WaterWear. The micro rechargeable battery is small and discreet—with the micro battery, SONNET only weighs 8.1 grams on the ear. Both battery packs will be available in the full range of SONNET accent colors.


    The easy-to-use batteries can be quickly charged and easily changed. The SONNET Charging System can charge up to four batteries at once and is powered through a USB connection. MED-EL also has introduced the Mini Battery Pack for SONNET, which allows users to connect SONNET to a body-worn battery pack that provides up to 37 hours of use from a single AAA battery. The Mini Battery Pack for SONNET will be available in six color options: Black, Ebony (brown), Anthracite, Nordic Grey, Beige, White. The company reports that people who choose MED-EL today, will receive a voucher for a SONNET Rechargeable Battery Kit, to be redeemed upon availability.


    Source: MED-EL

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