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  • Success for Children with Hearing Loss Conference 2015
    21 Sep , 2015

    The “Success for Children with Hearing Loss” Conference will be held October 16-17, 2015 at the McKimmon Conference & Training Center, NC State University in Raleigh, NC. The Supporting Success for Children with Hearing Loss Conference is intended for educational audiologists, teachers of the deaf and hard of hearing, speech-language pathologists, families of children with hearing loss, and students in university training programs. This conference will provide an opportunity to earn 10.5 hours of CEUs.

    The roster of speakers and presentations at the 2015 conference includes:

    Lynne Price: The Listening—Reading—Writing Connection


    Gail Wright: Getting an Early Start—Transition and Itinerant Services for Preschool/Kindergarten


    Karen Anderson: Eligibility and the “Good Student”: Pinpointing Vulnerable Areas of Need


    Andrea Blackwood & Julie Brickhouse: Supporting Students with Multiple Challenges: You and the DHH Plus Student


    Gail Wright: Equal Access to Communication: Teaching Self-Advocacy & Communication Repair


    Cara King: Meeting Listening and Language Challenges in a Busy Preschool


    Karen Anderson: Expectations for Independence with Devices—Necessary Skill Building on Student IEPs


    Lynne Price: Transition of the Secondary Student: Developing Self-Determination Skills


    NC Assistive Tech Project: What’s New in Gizmos? Assistive Technology Try Outs


    Andrea Blackwood & Julie Brickhouse: Make-and-Take: Foundational Math Skills


    Monica Faherty: Apps to Develop Skills for Success (Bring your Smart Phone or iPad!)


    Gail Wright: Itinerant Trunk Show Extravaganza


    More details about this conference are also on the conference agenda and flyer on the Success for Children with Hearing Loss event website