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  • Phonak Launches New Hearing Game Changer For Children
    20 Apr , 2016







    Phonak, the Switzerland-based provider of hearing instruments and wireless communication solutions, has launched Sky V, which it calls a “game-changing development in hearing performance and ease of use” to support speech and language development throughout a child’s growth.
    Sky V features a new dedicated automatic program optimized for children – AutoSense Sky OS and, according to Phonak, it is 39% more accurate in identifying yelling and shouting, such as on a busy playground, compared to the adult system. The 30% more precise AutoSense Sky OS program is said to help children better focus and learn in noisy classrooms.

    “At Phonak, we know that children are not small adults, and we are committed to developing specific high-quality products for the various listening environments children are confronted with, from playground to college dorm,” said Martin Grieder, group vice president of Phonak. “Sky V keeps pace with your child’s development and helps them explore the world with confidence and ease.”


    Based on the Venture platform, the device integrates the second, improved version of Phonak SoundRecover, so that children can access a broader range of sounds and develop their speech and language skills. For children, parents and hearing care professionals alike, Sky V has durability and ease of use. The lightweight housing is designed to be tamperproof as well as water- and dust-resistant. Combining Sky V with the Roger product portfolio is especially powerful: the new Roger with directional setting improves children’s ability to hear their friends speaking in a noisy setting by 26%.


    Phonak aims to set new standards in hearing performance, ease of use and design with a new portfolio of four “Roger for Education” products for more effective classroom learning and participation. The company says its new portfolio, based on Phonak Roger technology, is proven to give children the best speech understanding in the classroom, which represents one of the greatest challenges for children with hearing loss. Students are able to better hear their teachers and also understand their classmates in the classroom thanks to an automatic function for small groups on Roger’s Touchscreen Mic, shown to be preferred by 100% of children listening to their peers.


    Phonak reports that the Roger classroom package also improves handling, flexibility and compatibility. Roger’s Pass-around microphone, Multimedia Hub, Charging Rack, and Touchscreen Mic are convenient for students or teachers to use. Roger is said to be compatible with virtually all hearing instrument brands, cochlear implants, and bone-anchored hearing devices.


    Sky V is RogerReady, automatically activating the Roger program when it detects the microphone’s signal, and a new indicator light makes it easier for parents to know that their child’s hearing aid is powered on. It comes in five different models and is available immediately


    Source: Phonak

    Image credit: Phonak