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  • “ReSound” Receives Five Award Recognitions at CES 2016
    3 Feb , 2016






    In January 2016, hearing aid manufacturer GN ReSound participated in the Consumer Electronics Show, CES 2016, in Las Vegas to demonstrate ReSound’s Smart Hearing solutions.

    According to the company, this was the third consecutive year that ReSound was the sole hearing aid manufacturer participating in CES. During this year’s show, ReSound gained recognition as a technology innovator, securing five awards in honor of its Smart Hearing solutions, demonstrating the company’s commitment to developing solutions available for people living with hearing loss.

    The awards included the CES 2016 Innovation Awards – Honoree, Accessible Tech, ReSound LiNX2™; 2016 Bluetooth Breakthrough Awards – Winner, Application Category, ReSound Smart™ App; ShowStoppers at CES, Envisioneering Innovation & Design Awards–Winner, ReSound LiNX2; Honoree, ReSound Smart App; iPhone Life Magazine Best of CES 2016; and Awards – Winner, ReSound LiNX2.

    Jabra, GN sister company to ReSound, and a maker of wireless headset technology, was also in attendance for CES 2016, where they were honored with a ShowStoppers Envisioneering Innovation & Design Award for Jabra Steel™, and a CES 2016 Innovation Award for the Jabra Sport Coach™ Wireless.

    “CES presents an excellent opportunity for us to educate people about the possibilities of modern hearing care technologies,” said Kim Lody, president of ReSound US. “We are excited about the overwhelmingly positive feedback we received during CES from consumers, reporters, and industry stakeholders about how ReSound Smart Hearing solutions are making a true difference for people living with hearing loss. ReSound is honored to have received five awards from leading organizations in recognition of how ReSound is innovating to improve hearing care.”

    ReSound reports that it engaged with thousands of visitors during CES 2016, conducting media interviews, participating in live speaking opportunities, and giving product demonstrations to consumers interested in learning more about the company’s hearing technologies. New this year, ReSound audiologists offered attendees interactive demonstrations of ReSound LiNX2, hearing aids with Made for iPhone® capabilities.

    In addition to ReSound LiNX2, the company showcased the ReSound Smart app, available for iPhone, Apple Watch, and many Android devices, giving wearers discreet, direct, and personalized control of their hearing aid settings. A preview of ReSound ENZO2™, a smart super power hearing aid for people with profound hearing loss, which launches globally in March 2016. A full ecosystem of wireless accessories, including the ReSound Unite™ TV Streamer 2 and the ReSound Unite Mini Microphone, to help support more listening environments were highlighted at the show.

    Additionally, ReSound was also featured on a CES Digital Health Summit panel, “Superpowers in Sensing,” where GN ReSound Chief Audiology Officer Laurel Christensen, PhD, discussed how the company is working to change the way people look at hearing aids. In a separate event, ReSound LiNX2 wearer Win Whittaker was interviewed live from the CES Main Stage, where he shared how ReSound has helped him to hear more, do more, and be more – by allowing him to rediscover his hearing and improve his quality of life, from his relationship with his wife to his active profession as a mountain guide.

    “We are proud to bring accessible technologies to CES through the ReSound Smart Hearing portfolio, and introduce people to solutions that empower users to take control of their hearing health,” said GN ReSound CEO Anders Hedegaard. “As part of GN group, ReSound is backed by years of sound expertise that support the company’s ability to deliver intelligent, personalized hearing solutions to consumers. By leveraging everyday consumer electronics, such as a smartphone, ReSound has led hearing technology into a new era, and will continue to push the limits to ensure that we are providing people with the most advanced hearing technologies possible.”


    SOURCE: GN ReSound