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    Buying online can result in you bypassing the Audiological Assessment. This is an essential step in finding the right make and model for you, and allows the Hearing Healthcare Professional to program the units correctly for you, to ensure that you enjoy all of the full benefits and functionality. You will also be personally trained in the use and maintenance of your new hearing aids. This is vital and not something which can be acquired through an online purchase.


    2   Non-existent aftercare – many companies offering hearing aids via the internet deliver nothing in terms of aftercare services. This involves all the routine service check-ups and maintenance work. (Like your eyesight, hearing loss often changes over time).


    3   No warranties when you purchase a hearing aid. Over time they may need adjustments.  Think about where you have to send them for cleaning or repairs in the future. Do they have local centers for you to just pop into, or do you have to mail them and then wait weeks, just to have them cleaned and returned to you? What will life be like during the period of time in which you will be without your hearing assistance units?


    4   “Too good to be true” prices. Be cautious of companies who claim to offer the cheapest prices on digital hearing aids. Watch out for attractive discounts on top-of the-line hearing aids. Everyone has heard the adage “if it sounds too good to be true… It most likely is”. Often times, reading the very fine print will be illuminating, as there may be many À la cart charges, which when bundled together, create a much higher purchase price. Or the online company may be offering older or less technologically advanced models for purchase.  


    Beware of sound amplifiers!  These are products which simply ‘sound amplify’, repackaged and re-branded as Hearing Aids. We have all seen television commercials which offer these units for the general public, and they are not intended to be used as true medical apparatus for the hearing challenged. One size, truly does not fit all, and an amplifier, does not offer any of the additional technological benefits of an actual hearing aid.


    6  Change your mind?  Buying goods online means that you are guaranteed a short cool-off period to return the goods. You will also normally not be given an opportunity to switch out one type of hearing aid for another, (if you find that to be required). You will be guaranteed a totally transparent service when you purchase a hearing aid from a qualified hearing aid dispenser. And, the likelihood of being fit with units which do not meet your personal needs is greatly diminished.


    7   Is online less time consuming?  Not in the long run. One must do a tremendous amount of research, and self education, in order to make the most appropriate purchase for your hearing aid, which is in fact a medical device. There is specific testing of your hearing, fitting, and training of usage, which is most definitely required in order to get the greatest benefit from your hearing aid. These required steps can truly not be met during an online purchase, or even worse, an on line hearing test through your computer.


    8  Please be aware that purchasing hearing aids is a protected function, and is governed by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) which regulates the conditions for sale of specific medical devices, including hearing aid devices.


    9  What is OK to buy online?  There are some related products safe to buy online, such as some hearing aid accessories, batteries etc.


    10  And remember, the internet is a useful place to research about hearing loss from the comfort of your home. Also to research the company that you are considering buying from. At A Atlantic hearing aid center we have been offering FREE professional hearing tests to our community for more than 45 years, (in the same location) and have been servicing our community with the highest level of earnest care and professionalism. As our company motto states, “We care… About what you hear”. A single visit with us will convince you that this is in fact, a very true statement. Every patient,… Is our most important to patient.


    Image credit: A Atlantic Hearing Aid Center