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  • Phonak Communications Launches New Features (Unlimited Range) for Roger Earpiece.
    28 Apr , 2017














    Phonak Communications Launches New Features (Unlimited Range) for Roger Earpiece.


    Phonak Communications, Murten, Switzerland, has increased the functionality and flexibility of the Roger Earpiece, which is often used for broadcasting and in show business, with an unlimited range extension facility, the company announced. From July 2017, it will be possible to have full coverage wherever you are, including across multiple rooms, such as from green room to main stage.


    The Roger technology uses the latest digital standard and operates on the license-free 2.4 GHz band. The wirelessRoger communication system includes the tiny, virtually invisible Roger Earpiece comfortably hidden in the listener’s ear and different types of transmitter-repeater.Roger systems are reportedly ideal for people working in broadcasting and show business, who rely on seamless communication with directors, producers, and sound technicians, according to Phonak. They are utterly discreet, easy to use and install, and offer unrivalled intelligibility.


    With the new upgrade the Roger Earpiece is said to feature:


    Unlimited range extension


    Incredible sound


    Unnoticeable handover


    One-day battery life


    Phonak transmitters and in-ear monitors are ideal for use in productions where communication is a challenge. Steve Morrow, sound producer of La La Land, is an advocate of the Roger technology having used it on the Oscar-winning film. Morrow has used Phonak’s in-ear monitors since 2001, and said they have always been a reliable tool: “The quality is great, the battery life is great on it, and they just work.”


    The Roger Earpiece range extension is an exciting advance for our Roger Communications system as it really allows our users in the broadcasting world limitless flexibility on what they can achieve,” said Evert Dijkstra, CEO at Phonak Communications AG. “The Roger Earpiece has already been making waves in today’s fast-paced media world, where it is vital to have the most reliable and effective equipment to help you do your job. We are delighted we have been able to enhance it even further in such a short space of time.”


    Source: Phonak Communications
    Image credit: Phonak Communications