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  • Oticon Drives Consumer Awareness with ‘Hear in Pink’ Campaign
    4 Aug , 2016











    Since 2007,Oticon has been running national “Hear in Pink” campaigns that deliver compelling messages about hearing health and breast cancer awareness and, at the same time, help to raise funds to support life-saving research, and 2016 is no different.


    Oticon’s 2016 “Hear in Pink” campaign will benefit the National Breast Cancer Coalition (NBCC). During the months of September and October, Oticon will donate a portion of all sales of the special edition pink Oticon Opn™ and all Oticon Opn hearing aids to NBCC to help find a cure for a disease that represents one of every three cancers diagnosed in women. Oticon will partner with hearing care professionals to engage and educate consumers in local communities through specially designed Hear in Pink media outreach and social media.


    “The ‘Hear in Pink’ campaign gives consumers a compelling incentive to choose a paradigm-changing hearing solution and, at the same time, support a deserving cause,” says Oticon President Peer Lauritsen.  “For hearing care professionals, the annual campaign creates a unique opportunity to demonstrate their commitment to community health and wellness and build practice visibility and loyalty.”


    Oticon reports that in addition to the strong social networking elements, it will promote the special edition pink Oticon Opn with a range of “Hear in Pink” marketing materials including newspaper ads, inserts, and desktop displays. Hearing care professionals can help to spread hearing health and breast cancer awareness messages with customized press releases, direct mail invitations and social media posts that further extend and reinforce targeted outreach to their local communities.


    For the ninth consecutive year, Oticon plans to host a “Hear in Pink” celebration at its Somerset, NJ, headquarters where staff from a local medical center will be on hand to provide breast health and wellness advice. In the fall, Oticon employees will lace up their walking shoes to participate as a team in a NY/NJ area fundraising walk in support of breast cancer awareness.


    Source: Oticon 

    Image credit: Oticon (The special edition Oticon Opn hearing aid in pink)